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First construction review the party's footprint and inherit the Bohai spirit

"Without the Communist Party, there will be no new China, and without the Communist Party, there will be no new China!" The sonorous and powerful songs have demonstrated the great achievements of the Communist Party of China in establishing new China, and the love and support of the Chinese people for the Communist Party of China.


In order to learn more deeply the history of our party and review the development of the party, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, shenxiaofeng, chairman of the first construction agricultural group and Zhaowei, chief operating officer, led 37 members and activists of our company to join the party, and then went to the memorial park of the old revolutionary area of Bohai Sea, and reviewed the great contribution made by the people of the old Bohai area to the cause of our party.



As soon as you walk into the memorial hall, you can see the "old Bohai" spirit: "indomitable, hard work, taking the overall situation into consideration, selfless dedication". These 16 characters represent the great belief of the people in the old Bohai Area "for the party, for the country, and for the people".


Shen Xiaofeng, chairman of the board of directors, presented flower baskets to the heroes with the staff representatives under the group sculpture of heroes in pingdiao square, and led all the staff to take the oath of joining the party: "I will volunteer to join the Communist Party of China..." in a flash, my blood was boiling and my heart was surging.

Step on the simulated great wall and feel the momentum of "the Red Army is not afraid of expeditions and difficulties, and the mountains and rivers are only idle". Walking through the corridor of martyrs' famous records, it seems to be baptized by the heroic spirit of countless ancestors; Looking at the martyr tomb area, I can not help but swear "don't forget the original heart, never insult the mission".


Before leaving, all the staff sang "No Communist Party, no new China" in front of the Bohai memorial hall, expressing their strong respect and love to our party and the motherland with passionate songs.


Martyrs will never die, and we should be self-improvement! The extraordinary years to find the beginning of heart, based on the present mission! We must follow the footsteps of the party and follow the party's steps "do not forget the initial heart, forge ahead", and inherit the spirit of the old Bohai Sea to fulfill the mission entrusted by the party and the state!

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