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The environmental protection deployment meeting of Shoujian agricultural group was successfully held

Shoujian agricultural group held a working meeting of the environmental protection department in the east conference room on the first floor at 19:30 p.m. on August 8, 2021. More than 20 senior executives, heads of relevant departments and environmental protection technicians of the company attended the meeting.


CEO Li Jianjun pointed out the seriousness, importance and urgency of the current form of environmental protection, and stressed that safety and environmental protection have always been the top priority in the work. In view of the problems existing in the current environmental protection work, we should attach great importance to it and make profound reflection.


Subsequently, CEO Li Jianjun made specific work arrangements for the current environmental protection problems in combination with the current national environmental protection situation: the first thing to do is to strictly self inspect and correct, analyze responsibilities, and make detailed and practical safety and environmental protection problems; On the other hand, we should ask experts to help check. Only with high standards and high starting points can we face the future.


Around the construction of the park, we put forward the "garden factory", and stressed that safety and environmental protection must be made a highlight in planning and construction; As a breakthrough, green chemistry and intelligent chemistry are the development trend in the future. In view of the current work, positioning, organizing the working group to solve problems and implement them one by one. Only with ideas can there be a way out!


Zhao Wei, the company's chief operating officer, pointed out: we must grasp the subject of responsibility, and there are clear standards for environmental protection water, solid and gas. Therefore, we should take the attitude of primary school students and take out environmental assessment and pollutant discharge permit for benchmarking. At the same time, do a good job of self-examination and self correction, show determination, don't shout slogans, be pragmatic, and firmly implement them in place. It's not terrible to have problems, but to lose fighting spirit. Safety and environmental protection can't be mixed with a little water!

Through this meeting, we once again tightened the string of safety and environmental protection, took an attitude and resolutely implemented it. Next, we should see the situation clearly and take the initiative to attack with new strategies. Make the best of environmental protection work, make highlights, and be an open and aboveboard, socially responsible and honest enterprise!

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