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Shoujian | the company held the safety committee and environmental protection work meeting in August

At 9:00 a.m. on August 31, the company held the August Safety Committee and environmental protection work meeting in the synthesis conference room of the plant. The meeting was presided over by Zhao Wei, deputy director of the company's safety committee and chief operating officer. Shen Xiaofeng, chairman of the company, attended the meeting. Zhang Wei, production director, heads of various departments in the plant and members of the safety committee attended the meeting.

The meeting summarized the safety and environmental protection management of the company in August, analyzed the safety and environmental protection situation and problems faced by the company, and made comprehensive deployment and arrangement for the next work.


In the first stage of the meeting, song Xiaoyu, the Minister of safety department, first conveyed the relevant requirements of the list of safety production responsibilities of all employees of the provincial emergency department, analyzed the recent safety situation, reported and analyzed the typical problems existing in the company's safety management process in combination with the completion of management links such as enterprise safety site, education and training and special operations in August, And put forward requirements for the company's safety standardization and safety culture construction in the next step.

Then, Minister of environmental protection Li Changjun and director of Environmental Protection Office Li Jie respectively reported on the recent environmental protection work and on-site management, summarized the completion of recent environmental protection testing, hazardous waste transfer, external inspection and training, analyzed the problems existing in the company's environmental protection work, and reported the outstanding problems of on-site management of environmental protection, It focuses on meeting the work requirements related to environmental protection inspection and daily management of environmental protection of the central supervision team.


In the second stage of the meeting, Zhang Wei, Zou Shufang, Wang Xinguo, Zhang Wenfeng and Wu Xixuan, members of the company's safety committee, made speeches respectively, standardized and required the management of on-site safety and environmental protection facilities, special operations, fire safety, in plant vehicles, construction team management and cleaner production within their jurisdiction, and put forward guiding suggestions for the next work.


Subsequently, chief operating officer Zhao Wei commented on the company's recent safety and environmental protection work, and put forward six suggestions, including maintaining a high degree of consistency in the strategic thinking of safety and environmental protection development, constantly understanding their own defects and problems, grasping the rapid transformation and improvement of core problems, strengthening the main responsibility, giving full play to the leading role of leading cadres, clear posts and performing their duties, Emphasize the environmental protection inspection of the central supervision team and require benchmarking inspection every day.


Finally, chairman Shen Xiaofeng summarized and commented on the participation and safety and environmental protection work of this meeting, and hoped that through the learning and implementation of the new safety law, it is suggested that the Management Briefing of the next meeting should focus on rewards. President Shen stressed the need to carefully study the responsibility list, learn from the working attitude of RT mart's pigging aunt in mosquito control, do a good job in regional management, learn the responsibility list by asking questions at the pre shift meeting, and make preparations and reception for the central supervision team, so as to ensure that there are no safety and environmental protection problems during the inspection.

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